Based: Johannesburg

SPHEctacula is an in-demand DJ personality who when DJing has the uncanny ability to read a crowd’s mood and is gifted with the right amount of versatility and talent to seamlessly mix between different genres of music to keep the crowd wanting more.

SPHEctacula specialises in Hip Hop, House and Kwaito Music but, due to his vast knowledge and collection of music, can also adapt his playlist to suit the necessary mood for ANY gig he is booked for.

SPHEctacula the Mcee is a widely sought after talent who specialises in compering festive gatherings such as concerts, all day campaigns, short term promotions, product launches and more. He does this fluently in multiple languages.


At a young age Lebogang Naves felt a need to succeed in, and be part of the entertainment industry. 

Coming from humble beginnings in Soweto, Naves’ mother, being a single parent, ensured that Naves had a good education and was given the values to spread his wings and fly.

While attending Jeppe High School, Naves soon found his passion and love for music in Hip Hop and soon realised he’s position in the game, behind the one’s and two’s. Naves went onto studying Sound Engineering at Allenby Campus while honing his dj skills at house parties and clubs around Jo’burg and Pretoria on the weekends.

With his stature growing in the industry he teamed up with renowned hip hop maestro Amu and started doing road shows with the Buv’Ground crew (Amu, Wicked, Mr Selwyn and Nothende).

In 2007 Naves went on to meet Metro FM jock, T’bo Touch and started helping out on Rhyme and Reason, Metro FM’s flagship hip-hop show on Saturday nights. Naves started off by doing the local hip-hop news between 7pm and 8pm, this lead to Metro FM offering him a contract to produce the show and with this going well, it was then decided that he should also provide the dj mix on the show between 9pm and 10pm.

DJ Naves was clearly making waves and was invited to represent Africa in 2008 at a DJ Conference in St Louis, USA. This elevated his knowledge and skill in the dj world and propelled him to new heights.

While still at Metro FM and spinning fire on many turntables across the country, Naves carries on expanding his footprint in the music industry and currently also works for Buttabing Entertainment and Ventilation Productions as Music Executive