Based: Johannesburg

It’s not often that the South African music scene sees a band explode the way The Graeme Watkins Project did in 2011. After the release of their debut album “Corridors of The Mind” in March 2011, the bands spacing in the South African music industry changed dramatically, making them a hot product at most events and festivals around the country. In the space of one year they’ve  produced  3 Top 10 hits singles from the album, including a single which has had the crowds screaming for a band to “C’mon And Dance With Me” as the popular hook from their massive hit “Music Affair” hypnotizes the wave of fans at all their shows.

GWP brings a dirty, edgy, rough approach to a medley of pop, indie, rock and electronic genres.

“A Masterpiece is a stroke of genius in a moment of madness… So live life like a madman” is Graeme’s motto, and there is definitely madness incorporated into his music. When listening to the first three recorded demo’s, it’s hard to believe these songs were written and recorded over a 2 week period!

Channeling influences such as “Muse”, “Springbok Nude Girls”, “The Killers” and even a hint of “Depeche Mode”, this unique sound is bound to inject a splice of energy into every listener. With the ADHD inspired beat, the music is designed to get the crowd into the mad-capped mindset of the band members, to break out of their comfort zone and rock out to the all-encompassing movement of the melody.

“Corridors Of The Mind” produced three major hit singles in 2011. The first single, “Music Affair”, dominated radio and video charts nationwide, becoming somewhat of an anthem for 2011. Thereafter “Bloodshot Eyes” enjoyed a major amount of success, thanks to its catchy chorus, by achieving phenomenal radio play for the band. Now the most recent single, the foot stomper “London Bridge”, charted on radio stations across the country.

Thanks to the success of the above singles, the band has played some of South Africa’s hottest events, including “Mr Price Pro”, “The You Spectacular Awards”, “Idols VI and VII”, “Gary the Tooth fairy’s Royal Variety Show”, “Rocking the Daisies”, “St Francis Bay Ruins Festival” and “Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts”.

The Graeme Watkins Project (GWP) is not just about Graeme, it’s made up of phenomenal musicians who can stand proud in their own musical right: Ryno Zeelie plays Lead Guitar, Rudo Pieterse on Bass and Matthew Marinus on drums.

The music video for “London Bridge”, the 3rd single from the Graeme Watkins Project, arguably has to be their best video to date. With a production crew made up of some the industry’s best and a creative concept from director, Bevan Cullinan, the video showcases the band’s incredible live performance and why they are rated as one of SA’s top live bands.