Based: Uganda

Herbert Mendo Ssegujja (born 27 September 1983 in Mukono, Uganda), better known by his stage name Teacher Mpamire is a Ugandan comedian, actor and high school teacher. He is most famous for mimicking the Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

His performances have seen him stage shows in Zambia, Malawi and other African countries.

He also forms part of the Fun Factory cast in their weekly comedy shows at the National Theatre.

In 2016, Teacher Mpamire was named “discovery of year” at the Africa Youth Awards held in Accra, Ghana.

The teacher rose more to fame with the addition of a characters Destiny Mutaasa, Umar Gocher, pola, peter, Lyshia juliet, Buuzabalyawo and “Boniface” real names Muwanga Arnold in the video clips who acted as the aggrieved student. The director of these successful video clips was Collines Mayambala renown for promoting Anne Kansiime and Taata Sam a real household name in Ugandan sketch comedy.