Transformational. Motivational

Based: Cape Town

International Speaker; Transformational Facilitator; Radio, TV & Online Show Host & Producer

Susana Kennedy is a passionate and prolific speaker, and although she is best known for her work in radio and television, Susana is also greatly valued as a conduit for transformation and empowerment. 

Susana teaches that in order to truly transform ourselves we must transform on all levels of our being – Mind (Thoughts), Body (Actions), Heart (Feelings) & Spirit (Being).

Susana is a:

✨ International Speaker 

✨ Transformational Facilitator

✨ Radio Host

✨ TV Host

✨ Director

✨ Producer

Founder and CEO of the Thrive Network which has connected her audiences to the best Speakers, Healers, Coaches and Specialists in various fields from around the globe. After many years of working with the best in the transformational industries including Robin Banks, Brandon Bays, Dr John Dimartini, Billy Selekane, Leisha Jarret, and many more, Susana was emplored to create her own transformational course. 

This was not entirely a new concept as Susana co-created Robin Banks’s first online course “Sustaining the Magic” which follows the world-renowned “Mind Power” course and has produced multiple courses for various experts. 

The Course:

And so Susana created “Kint-su-kuroi Me – Going from Fractured to Fabulous”. A Transformational Online Course which takes individuals on a Journey of Conscious Empowerment, Healing, Love, Courage and Compassion. It is a process of putting ourselves back together to become even more beautiful, powerful, brilliant and joyful than we were before we were ‘broken’. She believes that each and every person has the ability to become the light they wish to see in this world and by going through this course, that light is re-discovered and fanned to life. 

💖 Focusing on Conscious Empowerment and Self-Mastery. 

💖 Make your impossible possible

💖 Navigate life’s challenges & crisis with more ease & less suffering 

💖 Realise your truest, most empowered authentic self.

💖 Embrace yourself completely 

💖 Fall in love with your life 

“I have a miraculous story to share,  a story of transformation and healing on all levels of my being. I share my story because I know that if I can do it, then you can do it too. My hope is to empower and inspire as many people as possible to live authentically from a place of joy and ease.”

“Challenges are inevitable, it is how we move through them that empowers or disempowers us”

“With the right tools, techniques and support structures you can overcome anything”

Current Talk topic: Re- Frame, Re-Fill & Re-Fresh

The reality is that the recent pandemic has left in its wake the same effects of emotional and psychological trauma created by war. Indeed we have been in a “state of war” fearing for the safety of our loved ones, our own safety and for our jobs/livelihood and ability to provide and even though life is “becoming normal again” the reality is that even “normal life” can be challenging. So how do we move through challenges with less suffering and more ease, empowered with grace? It is by cultivating the tools and techniques used by the most resilient mind masters in the world. Along with these tools and techniques, we also need to make sure we are not “pouring from an empty cup” and so how do we make sure we remain full, and finally we need to hit refresh. This combination will allow you to become truly resilient no matter what you face while also keeping yourself centred and living life fully.