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Based: Johannesburg

Internationally acclaimed people development practitioner Stef du Plessis has built a remarkable track record spanning two decades, two dozen countries and over 3,500 presentations, that absolutely affirms his ability to help companies around the world to develop great leaders, mobilise their people, and create a culture-by-design, through the utilisation of their most powerful (not to mention their most expensive) resource: human potential. He has been invited to speak on a number of the platforms and stages most envied by professional speakers worldwide: to audiences of up to 10,000 people, and translated simultaneously into 18 languages – including the Million Dollar Round Table, which is perhaps the most prestigious speaker-stage in the world. Twice.

With 20 years worth of client feedback from around the globe that says that he truly is a stimulator of human potential and a creator of cultures, he has developed a niche practice that is built entirely upon repeats and referrals. Stef clearly has an uncanny understanding of human behaviour.

Stef helps companies to improve their results by growing their people, creating winning workplace cultures and by facilitating and crafting strategic planning.

Over the past 20 years, he has proven – over, and over again – that it is only when you engage and grow your people on a personal level, when you show your leaders how to influence others and how to unleash the latent potential of their people, when you build teams that are grounded on truth and trust and when you create a winning culture, that you will be able to boost your results on a measurable and sustainable basis.

He consults and facilitates, speaks and motivates, and conducts workshops and in-house intervention programs that grow people at all levels. But essentially, Stef does only three things: People. Culture. And Strategy. He will empower and motivate your people, inspire organizational change and facilitate holistic strategic planning.

When it comes to engaging your people, Stef is a leading resource in the fields of self-mastery, teamwork and leadership, and through his motivational keynotes, seminars and workshops, he will stimulate human potential through his series of effectiveness programs (available in keynote format, as a stand alone seminar, as a series of workshops or as a self-help online course).

When it comes to workplace culture, Stef will introduce you to the innovative and groundbreaking UGRs® concept. Together with his Australian-based business partner, Steve Simpson – creator of the now acclaimed Unwritten Ground Rules culture-by-design concept – Stef and Steve have been implementing effective culture interventions that help organisations to get better results through understanding and managing their culture over the last two decades. Experience the power of UGRs through a simple one-hour keynote, a workshop, or get Stef in to conduct a long-term sustainable and measurable in-house intervention and training program. Majority of UGRs clients have been working with Stef and Steve repeatedly for several years.

And lastly, when it comes to strategy, as a skilled process facilitator, MD’s, CEO’s and other top-level leaders consult with Stef about their people development ambitions. These same people also often engage Stef as a strategic facilitator when they need help crafting their strategy. Stef facilitates strategic workshops and retreats, where he helps his clients to drive the execution of their strategic plan throughout the organisation – in forums ranging from small-group work-sessions for executive seniors through to facilitated sessions for hundreds of people at a time.

Stef is regarded as a leading resource by CEOs on five continents and has spoken at some of the world’s most prestigious events –including both the Asian and the European HR Directors Summits, and twice at the Million Dollar Round Table in the USA. Stef transcends the conference stage and goes beyond the boardroom: much of his work involves the implementation of long-term, sustainable and measurable company wide transformation programmes.

Participants often remark that Stef has a good balance between solid content, personal experience and street smarts. He is a gifted communicator, able to move people to want to do more and be more. But perhaps the reason that he connects with all people at all levels, across all divides, is because he radiates authenticity. Since the day he started speaking, Stef has offered clients a foolproof money back guarantee should he not deliver according to their expectations, and he has never taken a job that he felt was beyond the scope of his expertise or competence. After some 3500+ presentations, his money back guarantee has been invoked all but once. In Stef’s own words, “I do not define myself through my role of speaking. Rather, I define myself through my pursuit of trying to be a decent human being.” It is this authenticity to which people are drawn and mobilised to change.