Based: Johannesburg

Thirty-two-year-old Sotho Meyer started in the media industry in front of the camera, but soon shifted her love to radio. Her talent has seen her work with the likes of Kaya FM’s Bob Mabena to SuperSport’s Robert Marawa; both these media legends have praised her as a star in the industry. She tells us how she gets it done.

How did you get into the industry?

Honestly, I just stumbled onto it. I was parked outside the SABC studios, when a gentleman from the SABC asked if I would be interested in being a sports anchor for one of their channels. I gave him my details, and a year later he called me to come help with sports news research on weekends. I worked as a volunteer, doing production work. Not long after, I was asked to be one of their on-screen talent.

Had you been working in the media prior to getting the job at SABC?

No! I worked in the marketing department, and I think it was a blessing in disguise when I got retrenched from my job. I made the decision not to get another job in marketing, but rather continue my work at the SABC.

When you started at the SABC, you had no media experience and weren’t getting paid. Why did you choose to stay?

I was in my early 20s and was keen to learn. Working as a volunteer gave me a chance to learn more about my job. While working as an anchor, I got a lot of training and learned a lot about sports journalism through courses offered by the broadcaster.

You’re no longer with the SABC, but are now with Kaya FM. How did the shift from television to radio happen?

I had always been interested in doing radio; when the opportunity came, I took it. There was vacancy for a black female sports reporter at the station so I sent my demo. I got the job. I present sports on the breakfast and afternoon drive time shows.

Would you ever go back to doing television broadcasting?

I really do feel like I have found a home at Kaya FM; I have made a family there. But I would go back to television, perhaps to work as an international sports anchor. However, I also don’t see why I cannot do both. I am sceptical about moving around because I have a five-month-old daughter and need to be spend time with her.

Speaking of your daughter, Morali, how do you juggle working and spending time with her?

It gets hard, but I work around it. I’m fortunate to have a nanny who helps me. I also prioritise so I can put her first before anything else.

Tell us more about your involvement with Biblionef South Africa, the non-profit organisation that provides books for children.

I have always loved reading. From an early age, I was part of book clubs and can never put a book down. I wanted to invest my time with an organisation I could relate to. Biblionef distributes books to disadvantaged schools eager to read, learn and in need of the resources. The organisation sponsors schools with reading material. Over and above that, I would advise people to read – it’s the best way to empower yourself