Based: Cape Town

Simon Estes Alumni Choir (SEAC) was established in 2008 by a few young men who had recently left the UCT music college and a group of learners from Simon Estes Music High School. Most of these learners came from disadvantaged homes in Khayelitsha. The main purpose of the choir is to nurture the natural talent and also offer an alternative to a life on the streets for the youth in the communities of Cape Town. The principal objective is to create beautiful Music. This is achieved by utilizing the God-given talent and the uniquely beautiful voices that have become the trademark of the Choir.

It was only a week after its establishment when the Simon Estes Alumni Choir took the stage for their first performance. This was in the Old Mutual National Choir Festival regional eliminations. By the end of the regional finals, SEAC obtained the 3rd position in the overall Standard section of the competition.

This was only the beginning. It was in this very same year, 2008, in the South African Post Office Provincial eliminations in the Western Cape where the choir obtained 1st place for the Bass Solo, Duet and the Trio.

In 2009, the Choir performed in a location just outside Gugulethu in Cape Town. In this performance they welcomed the former first lady of the US who later became the 67th United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

2010, the year of Great Hope in South Africa brought great opportunities and bigger challenges. The year began with a performance in the Rapport Competition where SEAC obtained a 1st runner up position against some steep competition. The Choir then sang at a World Cup closing concert that was held at the Dome in Randburg, Johannesburg. In this concert, SEAC shared the stage with the Honorable Dr. Simon Estes (An internationally recognized Bass/baritone), Andrea Boccelli (An internationally recognized Tenor) and our well known South African Soprano Pretty Yende.

In this same year SEAC made a remarkable return to the Old Mutual National Choir Festival Western Cape Regional Eliminations by winning both the African and Western piece making it the overall winners of the Western Cape Province. Later that year at the Old Mutual National Choir Festival Finals SEAC completed as first runners-up in the overall standard section.

In 2011, the choir had a tour of the United States. Later that year took part in the Nelson Mandela Canvas Legacy event celebrating the life and contribution of the father of our nation. The choir also retained its Provincial Championship in the Old Mutual National Choir Festival Western Cape Regional Eliminations and obtained the first runner-up position in the finals.

In 2013, SEAC won both male and female voice sections in the Western Cape Choral Music Association Annual competition and won the Choice Piece section in Old Mutual National Choir Festival Finals.

2015 is the year that the Simon Estes were crowned Old Mutual National Festival Champions walking away with a total of four gold prizes.