Based: Cape Town | Johannesburg

Arias Anonymous is a spectacular novelty act which puts on a hilarious, show stopping, and quite unexpected performance, leaving unsuspecting audiences in stitches and in awe without fail.  This truly unforgettable entertainment experience will keep guests talking about their evening for years to come.

This “singing waiters” offering (or other customised incognito act) was brought to South Africa in 2011 by Elegant Entertainment, one of the leading exponents of innovative entertainment concepts in the UK.  Having performed to great acclaim at weddings and corporate functions around the world, and at venues including the Ritz Carlton, Royal Ascot, and the Emirates Palaces, the company’s next stop was Africa, where they recruited the best South African talent to join their cast.

Arias Anonymous is attracting substantial attention for their unique and memorable entertainment at upmarket weddings and corporate events (including the Amex Fine Dining Awards), and has enjoyed good media coverage (including a performance and feature on SABC3’s Expresso).

  The Act

Top opera singers masquerade as waiters and other service staff, appearing to serve drinks and food with the other staff until the act takes place during an appropriate moment, usually towards the end of the main course.

Although tailor made when required, the typical act consists of a Head Chef, Head Waiter and the third character being a wine waiter or guest.  The act would commence when the head waiter introduces the chef from the kitchen on his last night to say a few words to the guests, as is tradition when a senior member of staff is moving on. The emotional chef oversteps the mark with his confession of wanting to be a famous singer, and promptly starts singing his favourite song. Your guests will not know what has hit them with a mixture of laughter, embarrassment and astonishment.

Sadly, nerves get the better of him, and the Head Waiter is mortified, and apologises profusely to the guests on behalf of the out of tune chef. Sending him back into the kitchen to ‘stuff the tarts’, the act starts in earnest with the head waiter making it up to the audience with a fine vocal display of world famous arias. The act then moves into overdrive as the 3 characters vie for the spotlight, trying to outdo each other with their brilliant renditions of operatic favourites, and culminating in a collective performance of the Pavarotti’s favourite showstopper, “Nessun Dorma”.  Once the standing ovation has settled, the singers reveal that they are not who they say they are and perform one last song for good measure, which is designed to have everyone singing, dancing and waving their napkins along.

All acts are fully scripted with hilarious dialogue, to ensure that the audience will be roaring with laughter, whilst the beautiful choice of music will not leave a dry eye in the house.