Based: Durban

Performing only her own original compositions, her non-commercial, yet deeply moving lyrics and melodies have been described by the media and fellow musicians as meaningful, nourishing, igniting all the senses, unique, unpredictable, beautiful, necessary and magical.
Shomon becomes one with her music, as she transports her audience into another dimension. Her voice is so powerful that it transforms her from a gentle healing angel into a powerful and raunchy “rock chick” in the space of a few bars. Shomon’s lyrics reflect and reveal the reality of her personal journey through life, with all observations, feelings and emotions laid bare, allowing the audience to recognize and embrace things within themselves. It is not so much a performance, but rather an awesome experience, for both the artist and audience.
“I have realized that my gift in life is my relationship with music and, after being coaxed into performing, it has been a rollercoaster ride of opportunities, performances, collaborations, blessings, abundance and self-discovery”.

“As a singer-songwriter who defies even the loose boundaries of that description, Shomon Daniel is in possession of a unique and powerful voice, and a drive to express her thoughts to the world. Her songs are dense and spectral in their beauty, underpinned by the soaring scope of her voice. In a microcosm of commercially-oriented clones, Shomon’s eclectic individualism stands out like a beacon that is to be experienced to be believed.”- Dave Chislett, Grahamstown National Arts Festival Review.