Based: JHB

Shahan Ramkissoon has a no-nonsense approach to journalism. He’s a reporter and anchor, with no fear of asking tough, direct questions. He’s worked in New York as a correspondent and then moved to London to anchor the prime time show on Arise News.
After two years away, Shahan is back home, with an even sharper eye on South African stories. Upon returning, he went back to eNCA, where he cut his teeth, nine years ago as a reporter. Shahan now anchors the busiest show on the channel, from 9am to 1pm. The Lead covers live parliamentary debates and breaking news. The show also gives young entrepreneurs a platform to inspire and encourage other unemployed South Africans to start their own businesses.
Amid the serious news, there’s always time for laughter when warranted. Shahan has learned from his experience abroad that having a good giggle about the lighter things in life is just as important because connecting with the audience is of utmost importance.