Based: Cape Town

Ruby June is a young and vibrant group of musicians all loving life in Cape Town. They pour their hearts into each song, with their lyrics being honest and real and often addressing touchy subjects. But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re “boring”! With their foot tapping indie-folk-rock, they will have you dancing all night long! Their beautifully crafted music also blends well with their South African roots which they’re all very proud of.

The band started in late 2013 when Ruby decided she needed musicians alongside her for the journey, to bring life to her original compositions. Having met at college, Ruby asked drummer Paul to play a gig with her, with her playing guitar and him playing percussion. Soon, something that started out small, grew into a full band when they were joined by bassist, David. This allowed for more artistic freedom as they now had another instrument to work with.
The name was first introduced when Ruby was still working on her solo project, but the band decided to stick with the name when the transition from solo act to band took place. The name is a combination of Ruby’s copper-red hair and her middle name “June”, which she also felt had a natural and vintage ring to it.
The band have played at several venues in and around Cape Town and Stellenbosch, with Ruby doing some solo performances along the Garden Route. They recently embarked on their first mini-tour where they played alongside Elvis Blue and Joshua na die Reën in the Karoo. Prominent artists in Cape Town they’ve shared the stage with include Natasha Meister and Ann Jangle. They are currently set to play at the Karoo-lus Fees in Graaff-Reinet in October, where they’ll share the stage with some of SA’s top artists.
“What it comes down to for us,” remarks Ruby, “is that we have this burning passion for what we do and we just want to share it with everyone! There’s such a need for positive music in the world that people of all backgrounds and ages can listen to and be like, ‘ja, that’s good music’. So that’s why we’re here and we plan on staying for a while.”