Based: Cape Town

Ann Jangle’s ominous style of dark folk, eclectic rock at times, gypsy infused, theatrical, soulful style of writing & performing leaves a long lasting impression.Belting her voice and personality out on stage like she was born there, this South-African born singer/ songwriter/ producer/ composer has performed her way onto a vast variety of stages and has made quite the impact on the South-African Music Scene.Since the start of Ann Jangle, she has received a substantial amount of airplay and very good write ups all over South-Africa and Europe.2012 gave way to the Debut album ‘Acoustic Archive’. With a very acoustic sound, deeply rooted in the blues. Ann’s love for Dark, underground sounds & odd music genres called her to a greater challenge, a deep desire to break free from a box and create her own style.Ann Jangle’s last South African tour to Mozambique, before relocating to Berlin, Germany.Ann Jangle’s last South African tour to Mozambique, before relocating to Berlin, Germany.


The much anticipated 2nd album ‘KICKING SAWDUST’ launched in Cape Town, South-Africa in MARCH 2015, with a more powerful sound than ever before. On this album Ann is joined by a 10 piece band on different instruments including Trumpet, Celo, Banjo, Saxophone, Accordion and many more. It features some of South Africa’s finest talent and has featured on many Music Review Platforms such as ‘Kalulah Inflight Magazine’, ‘Kfm Radio’s Artist of the Week’, ‘Texx and the City Album Review’, ‘Wat Kyk Jy’, ‘European Music Bloggers Forum’ and many more.

With a Dark Folk, Gypsy-SKA undertone, Ann’s passion for experimenting has driven her to many different recipes for great entertainment.