Based: Port Elizabeth

Turn a gathering into an unforgettable event, with top comedian Roland Gaspar.

When you have to have the highest levels of comedy performance, but you don’t want an offended audience, you need a true professional at the mic. Roland Gaspar is a face people know and trust and a name that top convenors call on when they need to hit just the right balance.

With well over a decade on the circuit, Roland is a master at presenting specific content with unparalleled humour. He customises every performance to link with your themes and ties every routine in to your messaging, making him an invaluable contributor to launches and strat sessions.

If that lovable mug seems awfully familiar, it may be that you’ve seen him all over TV. Roland presented the “Makro Man” series of commercials, living in the chain-store. He was the MiWay Insurance man, and most recently you’ve seen him as the “Getbucks” guy who burns the braai.

He is an on-point communicator and a premiere-level specialist compere. Roland is often seen performing alongside his peers at the peak of the SA comedy scene.

His style is clean, fun, dependable and trustworthy. You will never hear Roland utter profanities, or indulge in racism or sexism for laughs.

True comedy is a quality act. So breathe easy – you’ve found the right man for the job!