Futurist . Technology . Innovation

Based: Cape Town

Pieter is an Internationally renowned futurist and expert in the field of Innovation and Technology Strategy.  He is the founder and Director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation,  a boutique consultancy that allows companies to leverage their own innovative potential. The Institute has delivered more than 3000 students and 80 innovation projects across the technology & financial landscape over the past decade.

He was the previous Vice-Chair of the Innovation Focus Group at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland, and assists numerous post-doctorial students in Europe with their research on technology’s impact on the future.

Pieter is a fractal individual with multiple roles in the industry.  He is widely used as an impact speaker, futurist and strategy consultant by the majority of South Africa’s Top100 companies. He has addressed audiences in the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Mauritius, New Zealand, Iran, Kenya and China. He also has more than 800 National radio appearances under his belt.

He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He currently holds the title of Extra-ordinary lecturer in Technology Strategy at North-West University, where he lectured Technology Strategy course to MBA students for more than a decade.

He believes the only way to effectively predict the future is to create it.


“Pieter is one of the most thought-provoking and fascinating lecturers and conference speakers on technology trends that I have ever heard. He has a passion for technology and has boundless energy to keep abreast and delve into a wide range of technologies. Pieter has an impressive ability to understand the potential of emerging technologies far in advance of general market recognition and explain the market opportunities they represent.”

– Roman Kikta, Acclaimed author and Founder of Mobility Ventures, Austin, Texas.


“He has the ability to take extremely complex subject matter and convey it in the most easily digestible and entertaining way possible. His ideas can form the bedrock of future economies.”

– Brand Pretorius – Ex-CEO McCarthy Group.


“You are the best futurist that I have met up to date.”

– Dr. Johann Rupert, chairman of the Swiss-based luxury-goods company Richmondt & Remgro – during the Beyond CyberSpace presentation in September 2007.


“Pieter is one of the most inspiring and insightful public speakers I had the pleasure of meeting. He is one of the few futurists that I am aware of that has been spot on with nearly all his predictions over the past 15 years.”

– Prof. Tommy du Plessis, Director: Potchefstroom Business School.


“Geldenhuys is one of those rare academics whose passion, knowledge and energy combine into a cocktail that is not only inspiring, but also downright entertaining. He reminds me of the young Andy Andrews or, more recently, Nick Binedell: lucid, witty, commonsensical and with the “Full” sign up outside his lecture room.”

– Chris Gibbons, journalist.


“Pieter has the ability to provide deep strategic insight in a highly entertaining manner. You never look at life quite the same after being in one of his presentations. ”

– Dr. Gerrit Genis – Maxwell Technologies.