Motivational Speaker

Based: Johannesburg

A policy writer and analyst by qualification and an Entertainer by passion. A good balance of experience in both the private and public sectors.

From performing comedy and hosting events across the world, to having roles in various international award winning movies. I pride myself in having the time management skills to work, be a master reiki practitioner and follow my passion for the entertainment industry and people.

I have had the honor of being involved in events across the world as an event co-ordinator, MC, Auctioneer, Trainer, Facilitator and Motivational Speaker.

While setting up my own company as the MD, I was also a freelancer working locally and Internationally.

Some of the acquired knowledge and experience from government and the various sectors I have gained over the years include, extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry, business development, marketing, sales, events, policy writing and analysis, customer service, safety training, high level administration and so on.

From being an HOD managing teams across the world at sea, to being a small team player and motivator, I always ensure the people who make up a team are not just doing a job.

I have a passion for helping people to learn, grow and discover their true selves and my book published in 2019 ‘SunnyMotiv’ has been helping people across the world of all ages with this.

Adjusting to my environment is no problem and I am not afraid to learn from others and enjoy the excitement of following through on plans towards success.

Specialties: Acting, Presenting, Voice work, Publoc Speaking, Policy analyst, acting, MC/ Compere, Events, gender equality practitioner, customer care specialist, sales, marketing, event management, Art Auctioneer, Real Estate, Social Media, etc.