Based:  Johannesburg

I am a Forbes acclaimed self-help author and motivational speaker, practicing psychoanalyst, TV soap star and editor at large of SA Celebrity Magazine.

As South African TV personality I have an evergreen public profile of almost twenty years dating back to my early TV soap star days in Egoli. A quick Google search reveals that I am also internationally known. Cover model for two New York magazines in 2014, I am a signed Foxstar model and as a local magazine recently phrased it, blessed with “dashingly youthful looks”. This might explain my casting age of around thirty when I’m closer to fifty years old. Old enough to be wise, yet good looking enough for the camera I am the perfect media package and a true gentleman in person – if you would be as kind as to consider doing a feature on me as South African Motivational Speaker inspiring the future youth of our country.

Presidentially decorated in the Armed Forces by Nelson Mandela for exceptional service to my country, I attended the South African Armed Forces’ officers training in male etiquette, decorum and impeccable manners for many months. This might explain my old-school ideas like offering a pregnant lady one’s seat when in public amidst a range of ‘those were the days’ ideas of public behaviour that has long been extinct.

After matriculating with a distinction in Business Economics I completed a BTech degree in Public Relations from TUT before studying Micro psychoanalysis for four years. Doing so enabled me to open a private practice of over a decade to help those in need – more often than not for free. I love helping people and this is what keeps me grounded I admit. This is after my glamour days as the last male continuity presenter on SABC 2 in the nineties when I saw how easily one – at a younger age – can be caught in the trappings of ‘stardom’.

My status as public figure now simply serves as a platform for reaching a bigger, international audience of people who need help and direction in life.

Amidst the collage of career choices I’ve made I have fond memories of helping students as University Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg. Even academically I always tried to help my students do better and improve their lives, as education is key to future success as beloved Communication and Life Skills lecturer in retrospect.

I was recently accepted to enroll for a Doctorate in Metaphysics from the University of California – based on my qualifications and life experience with such strong emphasis on ‘giving back’ in life. This I now do as motivational speaker when I inspire global audiences. I brings hope to those who have none and refuse to charge any fees when I speak for any charity or a good cause.