Based: Cape Town | Italy

ParolaBianca is a silent performance clothed in mystery, moving in an ethereal dance, which is at once music and harmony. Besides the lunar classicality of her costume she wraps her onlookers in wonder, they see her exactly as she appears: in the unworldly light of a fairy tale character.

She hands out tiny messages of wisdom, values and truths to encourage whoever wishes to walk the path of a peaceful life and to accentuate the beauty of existence and creativity. Under the tranquil spell of her silence she is sacred and sweet. She allows both adults and children to rediscover the spontaneity of a smile.

Parolabianca performs with a magical sphere filled with wise proverbs about beauty, creativity, positivity and love. The front page of the message can be banded with the logo of the client or sponsor of the event.

Parolabianca is available as a solo or duo performance and is perfect for theatre, exhibitions, festival’s, fairs, corporate functions, weddings and private parties.