Based: Johannesburg

Objektives was established in 2003 by a group of youngsters with the zeal to upgrade their dwellings using their God given natural resource and talent music, driven by passion, ambition of their first love, Objektives is here to provide that dance motion South Africa and the entire universe have been missing.

In the Northern Area Townships of the City of Gold geographically labelled on government documents as Johannesburg, all the way from Tembisa hails this dream worth the excavation. Providing out of the World entertainment, Objektives strives to reclaim the Glory given to African Children born out of the humble ghetto project, as it was like in the beginning when urban culture became a virtual reality for all.

Maturing with age just like wine, Objektives have stood the test of time not only by bringing rhythm to guilty feet but setting hearts to marauding red with the Tembisa African Drum beat anthems as they step in the name, “for the love of house music”. Gaining vast experience and new techniques along the way, Objektives have set sights on Music Production, Song Arrangement, Equipment Repairs and Sound Hire, Live Performances and event management.

Objektives has outlived the nine lives Godly given to a cat, surviving not only the music recession but the yktukuyta moment screams, the musical journey coming with a lot of trials and tribulations, winning some and living to fight another day on others. Doing studio productions with Mad the Dj, Drum Culture, Deep Tribal Masters to name but a few.

Watching from the side lines as fellow siblings leap forward in stride from Dj sbue to Dj Shimza, Objektives is sworn to keeping the fire burning for Tembisa. Single “Thetha Nam” as combined effort with Deep Tribal Masters featuring Meva has really set the nation’s tongues wagging and begging for some more.

Of which is what Objektives plan to do, drop their first ever album in the year 2017 not only for them as a house musical outfit but for Tembisa Township as a whole.