Based: Cape Town

A 4 part vocal group. A dynamic group of young men that are driven by pride and passion for their music! These young men show soul and passion when they perform. They are a force to be reckoned with. Their music includes RnB; Motown and Soul. They are guaranteed to knock the socks off any crowd!!!

No S’wett is a solid unit consisting of 4 amazingly talented vocalists, from Paarl and Wellington. No S’wett evolved when 4 guys joined forces because they loved the unity of their sound. The name No S’wett came from being different to what seems normal. The group started in 2007 by Elcaino Petersen and Brent Cupido. Edwill Solomons and Devin Smith completed the unit at a later stage. To No S’wett, family is important, but brotherhood is more important.

This is a young group of charismatic, entertaining, evolving and open human beings that would like to share what has been instilled in them with others. No S’wett covers songs that have never been so enticing to the ear. No S’wett’s inspiration comes from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Take 6, All-4-One, Boyz II Men and The Manhattans. All these artists was and still is an influence to the current genre of music that No S’wett has.

It’s the blending of the past, the maturing of the present and the growth of what music can evolve into. No S’wett looks at each other as a body that fits together. Brent Cupido can be described as the soul of the body – his presence makes everything feel the warmth of what family should be. Devin Smith can be described as the heart of the group – his maturity and emotional strength drives the unit to always focus on what lies ahead. Edwil Solomons can be described as the veins and arteries of the group – he feeds the unit – with him around everything keeps going. Everything flows through him and that’s what keeps the group alive. Elcaino Petersem can be described as the lungs of the group – he breathes a new energy into the group and provides the oxygen needed to keep the group afloat.

The aura of the group on stage, puts the audience in a position where they do not know how to react.

No S’wett’s motto is stay humble, truthful and give back what has been handed to us.

Values is one of the most important things to the group. Church remains the foundation of which this unit is built.