Based: Cape Town

Nik  presents a somewhat funky, very funny and uniquely South African flavour of comedy.

With a grasp of multiple languages and cultures, he has quickly become a favourite with corporates and a well-known face on the comedy circuit.

Nik grew up on a farm in Plumstead West (a.k.a. Constantia) where he learnt to climb trees, make pots and speak Xhosa. Things seemed to be going to plan (for his Jewish Mother) when he graduated from UCT with Honours in Business Science/Industrial Psychology.

Shortly thereafter Nik became a stand-up, appeared on Comedy Showcase as the swashbuckling Zimbabwean donkey-rustler Jabulani Ndlovu, shot to fame as the multi-lingual presenter of SABC 1’s Coco-Cola Megamillions Gameshow.

He later became M-Web’s new big black box guy – surfing trains in lycra bodysuits and persuading large female traffic cops to pop into the post-office for his Gran.; Comedy work has included appearances at Vodacom’s Funny Festivals, stand-up gigs in London and at the Edingburgh Festival and three outrageopus one man shows: The Life and Times of Klasie Kakpraat, Anyone Seen My Goat? and most recently One Man One Goat.

Your new show – interesting name…

It’s called Anyone seen my goat? because one of the stories I’ve always wanted to tell is about sangomas, and in particular about the white sangomas you find nowadays. Part of becoming a sangoma is that you must dream about a goat – a very specific goat – and once you’ve had your dream, you must go out, find it, buy it and slaughter it for the ancestors. So I had this vision of all these white sangomas traipsing off to places like Lesotho to go and try to find a goat (‘Er, excuse me old chap, but do you perhaps have a goat…?’) So my show is about everyone’s quest to find their goat… or inner goat.