Technology. innovation

Based: Johannesburg

Mushambi Mutuma, CEO and author of Tech Adjacent stands at the forefront of Tech and Innovation in Africa. He spent the past 12 years building brands and businesses across the African continent and the United States.

Utilizing both his skills and knowledge as a speaker and entrepreneur Mushambi has been building exponential brands of the future by sharing insights on tech locally and globally. He has served as a strategic advisor to accelerators and incubators such as AlphaCode; Standard Bank and The Innovation Hub.

A calculated risk taker with extensive tech and digital knowledge, Mushambi has led as CEO of Altivex, a high impact digital product lab that emphasises African engagement and solutions in and through tech and digital industries.

Mushambi’s first book, Tech Adjacent is about understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, footsteps of where it’s heading, knowing how disruption and innovation work, and most importantly leveraging it for exponential success. The book shares specific insights and case studies of African businesses – both those that are being disrupted and those that are disrupting as part of a new wave of growth.

“Today, tomorrow and 20 years from now, your survival will not depend upon how much technology you fully grasp, or can build immediately, but merely on your ability to be in its close proximity.”