Based: Eastern Cape

Shouting out all the way from the Eastern Cape in South Africa are the Munnibrotherz. The duo have a string of releases on the Dirty Bird label and have encompassed the Dirty Bird sound perfectly. Being the labels’ first South African artists, their debut ‘Munnibrotherz EP’ blew up dance floors everywhere with ‘Moon Chon Chayoh’ and a remix from Zombie Disco Squad.

Innovativeness is and always has been the mantra of the brothers who discovered house music through mixtapes from djs in their hometown of Port Elizabeth. The infectious grooves had the siblings hypnotized and they knew then and there what their calling is. “We were at a block party back in 06 and the dj dropped Claude Von Stroke’s “Deep Throat”. The crowd went ballistic! It was an era where the djs only played vinyl, so access to different sounds were not as easy as it is today. After weeks of begging and pleading we managed to track down the title and label. The Dirty Bird sound has been our inspiration as it embodies innovativeness which we hold in high value.

The Munnibrotherz enjoy a strong following in their home town and abroad. Their fan base continues to grow with each release and performance. “2012 has been a great year for us and we’re working on some exciting projects due for release in the new year.

2013 sees the Munnibrotherz keeping the tacho at max revs! The duo are preparing to spool a chunk load of ass clapping releases that is sure to tear the roof off venues across the world!

Coz that’s just how they roll…