Based: Durban

Mo Magic is the performing name of South African magician, Mahommed Moorad. As a child, he saw his brother perform magic and in high school he learnt and performed a few basic effects. Years later, whilst at University, during a period of self reflection, Mahommed began his journey to discover his UNIQUE purpose. Inspired by “The Blissful Living Teachings”, he spoke to the Universe and asked the divine for guidance towards his path. Soon after, whilst sitting with his best friend, working on their electronic design project, they saw David Blaine on television and Mahommed was astonished.

Video Segment
Mo’s style combines world class magic, mystifying mentalism and clean comedy into this performance creating an engaging and entertaining experience for guests. Mo shot magic for ETV during lockdown without an audience and magic can work without an audience however seeing as mentalism is defined as “the ability to extract a person’s thoughts, influence their behaviour & demonstrate feats of psychokinesis (moving objects by mental effort alone)”, and whilst the psychokinesis can be done without an audience, an audience would be required to derive maximum value from Mo’s segment and Mo would suggest recording the first segment to include a SPAR audience so that their participation and reaction will heighten the entire video else it may come across as a prepared video. Mo is also able to include a specific piece of mentalism that would involve people watching in the various regions to add value.