Based: Mozambique

It happened on the Mediterranean…
Barcelona represents a Mecca of music, an interactive environment where musicians from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America gather to create unique  music from this city. MiraMundo members are united by freedom, the courage to overcome any borders, the love for multiculturalism and a global understanding of their own traditions. MiraMundo songs present intimate stories about love, travel experiences and feelings, while mixing diverse genres: bossa nova, Mexican mariachi, samba, Italian and Gypsy songs or African traditions are blended into a balanced blend of gentle rhythms and strong melodies. “Connecting Cultures that seem distant”.
It is MiraMundo’s pleasure to invite different artists to collaborate in their
recordings and performances, which can offer different formats of concerts. Here a list of musicians that performed with MiraMundo:Agostino Aragno (Italy) voice and violin.
Ernesto Vargas Aguila (Mexico) voice, bass and double bass.
Marina Curbelo (Spain) voice and percussion.
Isidora Alegria (Chile) voice and percussion.
Marion Candela (France) voice and percussion.
Luiz Murá (Brasil) voice, viola caipira, charango and guitar.They have shared stage with the drummers and percusionists: Juan Pablo Rodríguez Berbín (Venezuela) Jabu Morales (Brasil) Goran Milosevic (Serbia), Jankely del Águila (Peru),  Fidel Minda (Ecuador), Viridiana Aguilar (Mexico), Gloria Maurel (Catalunya).

Other artists who also collaborated with MiraMundo are: singer Umut Dorudemir (Kurdistán), pianist Kuba Palys (Poland), saxophone player Malena Cousinet (Uruguay), trombone player Aurora Arenare (Italy), flamenco dancer Violeta Barrio (Spain) and the tap dancer Iván Bouchain (Mexico).


In MiraMundo’s project you can also find the development of education and  workshops about rhythms of the world, blending genres and colective creativity.

Their workshops have been received with great acceptance and enthusiasm by the participants.