Innovator . Qualified Rocket Scientist . Inspirational 

Based: Johannesburg

Lumka Msibi is an Innovative Award Winning Qualified Rocket Scientist. At the age of 24 she has travelled to all 6 world continents, won numerous prestigious awards and spoken alongside many notable leaders.

Born and raised in Soweto, Lumka weaves her background and personal story of success over challenges into her presentations.

A born leader, she has an outstanding ability to motivate others with her own enthusiasm. She is a vibrant and outgoing young woman who thinks independently and critically to find solutions to problems.

Lumka is a Senior Engineer with over 5 years of global experience.

Her achievements include:
NASA Aerospace Engineer Fellow — California, USA,
Award Winning Rocket Scientist,
Founder of a Technology start-up,
Pitched Tech start-up to venture capitalists at Oracle HQ in Silicon Valley and it was awarded seed funding.
Innovative designer of advanced high performance, world class satellites to benefit Africa,
Selected nationally to do scientific ground-breaking research in the coldest place on earth — Antarctica.
Worked on a NASA project launching experiments,
Global Speaker on 6 continents.
At the age of 24, received South Africa’s highest Award for young people — The Ubuntu Youth Award.
1stPrize out of 500 international entries in a global technical conference competition
Recipient of numerous prestigious International Awards from Asia, Australia, North America etc.Lumka represents everything that is good about South Africa. In her young career she had already received international recognition for her research, but she also contributes to the growth of the next generation of engineers.”
Aerospace Technology Company Group CEO,

“The feedback for the International Woman’s Forum Global Cornerstone Conference with over 400 leaders from 30 nations has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful for your considerable contribution to it as a speaker.  Thank you for making a difference at this highly-rated session in our conference, helping to shape the discussion and to inform the world’s women leaders.” 
Global President, International Women’s Forum, USA.

Lumka’s keynotes include:

Lumka Challenges the Frontiers (Motivation and Inspiration)
A black girl from Soweto who conquered the skies to be a Trailblazing Rocket Scientist.

Engineering the Future (Innovation and Technology)
Lessons for Africa from Silicon Valley (USA), Europe and Asia.

A foreigner in my own country (Young Black Woman in Technology)
Navigating identity and a career post-apartheid

Millennials: the next generation of leaders (Leading Africa)
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for; we are the change.

Travelling opens the window to the world (Ukuhamba Ukubona)
Lessons from travelling to all 6 world continents.

STEM (Education and Technology)
Using technology, robotics and coding, to help solve problems in the education sector.