Adventurer. Motivational

Based: Johannesburg

Lee den Hond is a businesswoman, an athlete, an adventurer and an optimist who draws from her own experiences to support the belief that “nothing is impossible”. In 2013, Lee became the 3rd South African Woman to summit Mt. Everest. She runs an event management company, Blue Platinum Events, servicing many of South Africa’s leading companies. In September 2015 Lee won the award “South African Business Woman of the Year in the Entrepreneurial Category.”

Lee is a powerful speaker who inspires businesses to achieve and maintain success through vision, grit, passion showcasing how a sense of purpose drives everything. An adventurist at heart, Lee den Hond has taken on many epic journeys of her own to change the journey of hundreds of others. The endurance athlete has never shied away from a challenge. Some of her greatest quests include Ironman triathlons, Comrades Marathons, Two Oceans Marathons and many more of South Africa’s toughest races. When den Hond decided to climb Mount Everest she was motivated to reach the top of the world’s highest peak not only by her own grit and determination, but by her vision to build a children’s centre.

The climber went on to not only became the third South African woman to summit Everest but is today the founder of the Field of Dreams Children’s Centre. A keynote presentation giving an audience the tools to live the life that they have imagined for themselves and overcoming obstacles which they believed were impossible to overcome.

The Performance Agency invited Lee Den Hond to be the key note speaker at a strategy session which was part of the Leadership Development programme at Ascendis. The session was an immersive experience linking strategy execution to climbing Everest. Lee’s execution on the deliverable was sublime. She is a world class speaker who relates to her audience in the most human way. She landed the key learnings of linking Everest to strategy in the most relatable way with the Ascendis audience.