Based: Cape Town

Larry’s aim is to inspire the guests to believe they are capable of anything they set their minds to. Larry does this  through a few key elements that they can use to improve their mind-set, to see past the obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their goals, and become the master of their destiny. Throughout the presentation, Larry shows them amazing mentalism feats to drive these ideas home, creating a solid and memorable experience.


To highlight some of the key topics, Larry starts the presentation by blowing them away with an unbelievable effect. He also explains the concept that true belief is certainty and how having certainty is what creates your end goal. He then expands upon the topic of confidence and what it means in sales and business. Throughout he touches on experiences from his own life and career and how he overcame these barriers and how others can apply it in their lives. The main aspect of the talk, Larry explains the single one reason we fail at anything we do. The only reason we have ever failed was because we didn’t apply the knowledge we already had, or we didn’t have the knowledge to begin with. The solution is simple, if you know the doable steps to create something, and you apply those steps, you will succeed. He then shows them a magic trick using rubber bands. Each audience member then also gets a rubber band and Larry teaches the trick to them. He then ends by saying that a moment ago when he showed the trick, they all thought it was impossible; it was magic. But the truth is, all they needed to know was the workable steps the get there and create the magic themselves. This powerful tool really drives home the idea that anything is possible.

To end the talk, Larry reveals the biggest secret to making your company or business expand rapidly and flourish and prosper. It is the one thing that most businesses get wrong, and the one thing, if applied, that will make your business or brand stand out!