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Kwela is the popular dance-music of the South African townships. It is the folk-music of urban South Africa, and has developed from tribal origins with the growth of the towns themselves. The tunes can be heard being sung or whistled all over the African townships by adults and children, and there is no festive occasion or Saturday night gathering where this unique swinging music does not form an integral part. In the early ’50s at the time of the first ‘African Jazz’ shows, Kwela was recorded and imported from South Africa for the first time by people like Zakes Nkosi, Spokes Mashiyane and Lemmy Special, the penny-whistle virtuoso. It is the music that made Miriam Makeba famous; the ‘Black Panther’ from South Africa who has sung with Harry Belafonte’s Band and is known throughout America and Europe for her famous ‘click-song

The Style of music is a type of pop music in the black communities. The Dress code is Ladies in Dresses worn in the 50’s and men in stylish suits &  hats