Leadership . Transformation . Inspirational

Based: Pretoria

“Today’s problems are the result of yesterday’s short-sighted solutions”

These are the words of Dr John Tibane, a Medical Consultant – turned Leadership Consultant, Top-rated Professional Speaker and Author who believes that maximizing human capital is key to personal and organizational success.

He holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery [MBchB] and a diploma in business Management and Executive Development.
He left his medical practice of seven years to pursue his passion of helping people discover, develop and demonstrate their potential.
Dr Tibane blends Exhortation, Encouragement, Enlightenment, Enablement and Engagement of his audiences to ensure Empowerment. His presentations are inspiring, interactive and yet informative.

Topics / Issues

Human Potential/ Transformation & Change/ Diversity & Teamwork/ Organizational Performance/ Leadership/ Strategic Thinking/ Service Excellence/ 
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Seminars/ Magazines/ Books/ Take Five/ True Dreams Do/ Come True/ You 2 Can Powered2Perform/ Do It Because You Can/ Be Inspired or Get/ Expired/ Turbo Advice/ Turbo Think