Based: Cape  Town

About me :

*raises hand* Hi I’m Jaryd Busch and I am a DJ haha!

My name is Jaryd Busch, I am 32 years of age and been living in the mother city (Cape Town) all my life. I would describe myself as being hardworking, patient and goal driven. Yes I am a DJ (by night that is) , but what many people don’t know is that I have a career in IT too. Currently I am a resident DJ on Good Hope FM (every Friday on Dr’s in the House with Julian Brache) and at Hanover Street, located at Grandwest Casino in Cape Town.

Where it all started :

As a young boy I have fond memories of messing around on my older brother’s turntables when he was not home. Eventually he showed me the ropes, and I haven’t looked back since. What was my bedroom hobby very quickly progressed to mobile events such as church functions, weddings, 21st birthdays and house parties. This not only helped me with crowd confidence (playing music to an audience as I was very shy), but it allowed me to familiarize myself with the equipment being used. Gradually I worked my way up to the clubbing scene by entering DJ competitions and playing at various events. Not only did I gain valuable experience by doing this, but it provided me with the confidence boost I needed to move forward. In the 18 years that I have been a DJ , not once did I ever consider what I do as being a job, it’s a passion!

Music Genres played :

As an entertainer, crowd adaption is vital which essentially means that I am able to play most genres of music when and where required. From Hip Hop/ RnB, House to Old School , mixing up the old and new in order to make the crowd’s experience that much more enjoyable.

Achievements :

I strongly consider what I do to be an art form, simply having the opportunity to share my energy with people and watch enjoy themselves whether it be at a club ,a private event or on radio is not only priceless, but a huge achievement on its own.

Venues previously played at include :

Vacca Matta (Edward Street) – Shimmy Beach Club – Club Galaxy – The Address – Hanover Street – Che Havana Lounge – Bazinga Bar – Lambego Lounge – Stones (Long Street) – Club 7764 – Stasie 6 (Lamberts Bay) – Open Arms Pub – Club Fanatics – Club Barrio – Club 925 (Worcester) – The Loop – The Concept – Cellars on Main – Club One Way (Mamre) – Blackpearl – Fuzion Latino Lounge – BeeJays Sports Bar (Caledon) – The Chilli Bar – Club Ambition – Gonzoz – Zevolis – Downtown – The Pool Lounge

Radio shows previously played on include :

– Dr’s In The House with Julian Brache – Good Hope FM – The IMIX with Seano on Good Hope FM
– King Of Clubs With Nigel Pierce on Good Hope FM
– Kinky Afro With Nigel Pierce on Good Hope FM

– Count Down To The Club on Radio Atlantis
– Kue Online Radio
– Showtime on Bush Radio 89.5 with Nikki Samuels and Shaz Ismail
– The 411Best of 2012 VIP Guest DJ’s on Good Hope FM with Tyrone Paulsen
– Vibe Radio – Deck Duty with Hayden Isaacs
– The 411 on Good Hope FM with Tyrone Paulsen
– Morning Breakfast rush Radio Atlantis with Marco Jacobs and Clement Trussel – Vibe Radio with DJ Crispy and D1 Monkey
– Radio Atlantis 107.9 FM on the Amplified Fridays Show

Previous club residencies held:

– Hanover Street , Grandwest (Current) , Cape Town – Current – Vacca Matta , Edward Street , Cape Town
– The Concept (Old Chrome) , Cape Town
– Club 7764 , Cape Town

– Beejays Sports Bar , Cape Town