Creative. Business.

Based: United Kingdom

James Taylor is an award-winning international keynote speaker who travels the world, from Cape Town to Singapore to provide keynote speeches to a large variety of audiences coming from multiple industries. A world-leading expert in creativity, innovation, artificial intelligence, marketing and leadership, James aims to help individuals and organizations maximize, monetize, and market their creativity. During the past twenty years he travelled through Europe, the United States, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia to offer tailored, content-rich and humorous speeches to a large variety of audiences in order to help them unleash their creative capacities, speed up the pace of innovation and learn how to cope with a constantly changing world.

He holds an MBA in international business and is currently a notable fellow of the prestigious organization RSA (the Royal Society of Arts), whose previous members include Nelson Mandela and Benjamin Franklin. During his highly successful career, James worked with international companies such as Sony, Yamaha, Bertelsmann, Apple, and Johnson & Johnson, and also provided 1-on-1 coaching to some of the most talented individuals from the world, including entrepreneurs, writers, rock-stars, educators and corporate leaders. The recipient of the S.D. Southern Award and the Modern ONTRApreneur Award, James has a high public visibility, featuring in a diversity of media outlets. Recently, BBC produced a documentary about his career as a global keynote speaker.