Based: East London

Not a single word jotted down by this singer-songwriter, Indwe, goes to waste in a song.  She weaves words in melodical formations, wrapped in beautiful harmonies and expressed in intricate pitches and intonations.  This is what makes her music, distinct and unbelievably astonishing.

Soft spoken to the point one can hardly hear her when she speaks; yet when Indwe grabs the microphone she completely transforms into a colossal vocal songstress, flawless as if the notes come from her very life.

Indwe’s valiant, elastic and inclusive use of indigenous instruments through which she interlaces her vocals throughout what seems to be a complex web of jazz interpretation and accompaniment, makes her the most vocally explosive artist this country has produced.

Indwe’s music, which can be described as ethno-world with soulful intent, is uncompromising Afrocentric and with a distinct sound that resonates beyond borders whilst rooted in Xhosa folklore.

Indwe’s musical construct and the context in which she dictates her social enquiry through her music and lyrics, makes her one of the most conscientious and sensitive singers of our time.

She has skillfully brought meaning to the music in a way that demands several things to the listener: first, by letting her compositions speak to us and, secondly, by revealing to us that music is pure magic and a wonderful gift to humanity that soothes us, stimulates and moves us to a world of complete imagination.

The sensitivity through which Indwe constructs her compositions using Uhadi and Umrhube complimented her unique variation.