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Based: Johannesburg

Dr Graeme Codrington is a leading world expert on corporate talent and the future of work. He explores how people connect with each other, applying his research and insights to people strategies, especially how to connect with valued customers and talented staff, across different generations. His unique style combines multimedia and humour with thought leadership and quality research to present a powerful message about people strategy. His insights have direct application in areas such as product development, marketing, and advertising to valuable customers, as well as attracting, retaining and motivating talented staff.

As a thought leader, speaker, consultant and author, Graeme is trusted by some of the world’s leading companies to improve their performance by connecting more effectively with staff and clients. As a people strategy specialist and generational consultant, Graeme has developed a unique way of presenting his topics in a high-energy, fun-filled, yet thought-provoking way. His multimedia-driven, interactive style, and immediately applicable “how to’s” have caused clients to invite him back again and again.

He works with large multinational and listed companies, medium sized corporations, as well as professional associations and non-profit organisations. His client list includes some of the world’s best known brands, including IBM, Deloittes, Barclays, Old Mutual, Unilever, BMW, BDO, Johnson & Johnson, Anglo American and Microsoft. He was recently voted “Speaker of the Year” (2007) by the Academy of Chief Executives, UK, and is regularly the best ranked facilitator on the programmes he facilitates. He also serves as an adjunct professor for two different business schools. He has shared the platform with the likes of Edward de Bono, Jonas Ridderstrale and Neil Armstrong.

Having a diverse academic and work background gives Graeme a unique perspective on the turbulent times we live in. He has five degrees from five different universities, in five different faculties, including commerce, arts, theology, and sociology. His doctorate is in Business Administration. He has received international recognition and awards for market research, has two best selling books published by Penguin, and is regularly called upon for expert comment by the media. With a CV that includes chartered accountancy at KPMG, IT boom entrepreneur, youth worker, consultant, professional musician, futurist, best-selling author and professional speaker, Graeme is nevertheless most proud of his role as father to three beautiful girls, and husband to Jane for nearly 20 years. He works from bases in Johannesburg and London, presenting and facilitating on every continent to over 100,000 people every year.

Graeme’s message is simple: If you want to be the best in your industry then “what” you sell and “how” you sell it are not as important as “who you are”. And who you are is all about people – your staff and your customers – and how well you attract, retain and connect with them. The reality is difficult: placing people at the centre of an organisation is not an easy strategy – if it was, everyone would be doing it! But Graeme’s presentations have repeatedly helped companies connect with their most valued customers and talented staff in a manner that helps them drive down costs and increase sales.
Helping people connect with people is Graeme’s passion. He will work with your internal teams, leaders and managers to attract, retain and engage talented staff; and with your marketing and customer service teams, to connect with your valued customers. In companies where attracting and retaining talented staff is a critical success factor, he will also work with senior leaders on strategy and business culture issues.

Together with TomorrowToday, a consulting company Graeme co-founded, he is able to provide not just keynote presentations and workshops, but also bespoke interventions and services to ensure that his message sticks and makes a real difference to your bottom line.

Graeme’s presentations include the following:

Mind the Gap: Understanding the generations
Winning the Talent Wars: Attracting and retaining a new generation of talented staff
“Hannah’s Rules”: responding to – and profiting from – a new generation of ethical consumers –
The Connection Economy: the rules of 21st century business success