Based: Cape Town


With almost 34 years of local and international experience, Francois is the ultimate entertainer with a repertoire covering Rock, jazz, funk, blues, pop, big band swing, Reggae and all time classic ballads. Not only is his repertoire amazing so is his personality and interaction with the audience.

The past decade has been another great building block in this talented and passionate, entertainer’s career. Clocking up over 1800 performances and entertaining a worldwide audience during various tours to Europe, where he performed in England, Germany, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy and in Switzerland. On local African scene there were performances in Tanzania, Namibia and Mauritius apart from his various national performances in South

His energetic, intense, highly focused entertainment style and professional work ethic, driven by his passion for perfection, has gathered accolades from many corporate- and private clients, venue owners and resort managers, where he has performed, during this time.

This international explosion has also heralded a new phase in his career, as it necessitated a re-branding of his entire PR Portfolio, to cater for a more global-, than local audience.

His (32) Live Facebook shows (April – Aug) has already clocked up nearly 25000 views and his 78 performances on the International, performance platform, Sessions live, has already earned him a top 50 rating worldwide, in their weekly competition. The future seems bright for this incredible entertainer who has just celebrated 34 years in a career, doing what he loves.

The unfortunate, COVID-19 pandemic, has fueled this Entertainers’ transformation, by thrusting him onto a Worldwide Stage and exposing his talents to a new, GLOBAL AUDIENCE who has received him with open arms.