Based: Botswana

From her early childhood, Kefilwe  known by her stage name Fifi Afrika or Princess wanted to be more than a performer; she wanted to be a superstar. Kefilwe Mathake-Radovic, the Mmadinare-born songbird is tipped to be the next thing in the local music scene and her journey to stardom has not been all rosy.

Armed with strong work ethics and natural talent, Fifi naturally fell in love with the arts and she cannot pick the exact moment when she decided to be in the show business.

Her Journey in Music dates way back when she was five years old as she used to be a lead singer during her elementary school days. The Passion lived on until her secondary school variety show days.

Through the ups and downs of building a career in the spotlight and having a personal life made public, Fifi always relied on her family, particularly her husbands support to steer the ship to safer shores in difficult storms.

With a studio album in the horizon, Fifi is keen to transform her cover song experience in to studio work that will leave many asking for more and enjoy high rotation on many radio stations.

One of the biggest challenges in her music career, said it had been her doubts in her abilities.

With Fifi’s Popularity steadily rising, it is clear that keeping the public guessing is a winning strategy, whether she is doing cover songs and working on a personal album, her infectious love for music and life in general is undeniable.