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Based: Cape Town / USA

Etienne is an accomplished neurologist and an authority in applied behavioral neuroscience. Etienne’s 14-year career as a clinical neurologist means he has a deep understanding of the anatomy, biology, and physiology of the brain and the human nervous system. In more recent years, his professional and personal fascination with the remarkable discoveries coming from the various brain sciences has led him to believe in the vast potential of this new knowledge to enhance human capacity. The realization of this vision is the founding of Cape Town based Neurozone ®, a neuroscience business dedicated to the application of brain science, analytics and coaching to enhance human capacity.

At the heart of the business of Neurozone ® is a proprietary High Performance Code that informs leaders about the most current behavioral predictors for resilient and high performance ready individuals, teams and organizations. The Code draws on research from neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry etc. and its impact has been validated and is currently being used in various industries to enhance human capacity by focusing on the brain/body system. As a result, Etienne has developed a keen understanding of the neurobiological substrates, principles and insights that underpin team- and organizational performance. This knowledge enables Etienne to blend a variety of subjects into an integrated whole for practical application.

Etienne is the founder of AmazingBrainzTM, an organization dedicated to the design of programs for the brain stimulation of young, developing children – especially in disadvantaged communities. Etienne worked as a neurologist in South Africa, the UK, and the Netherlands.

As an avid keynote speaker and masterclass teacher, Etienne engages with senior leaders, where individual, team and organizational resilience and optimizing human capacity takes center stage.

In addition to his Medical and Clinical Neurology degrees, Etienne also holds BSc degrees in Chemistry, Mathematical Statistics as well as Integrated Physiology and Virology.

Synopsis of talk:

In this talk Etienne will delve into the fascinating world of applied neuroscience and its powerful implications for thriving in a rapidly changing environment. We start by journeying through the current work landscape, considering today’s chaotic world and then illuminating the science behind resilience and innovation.

At its core, the talk highlights the concept of collective resilience and its profound connection to our capacity for innovation. Drawing insights from the field of neuroscience, it unveils the intricate relationship between our brain’s adaptability and the challenges we face. This adaptability is rooted in a phenomenon called allostasis, which finds expression as resilience. It’s akin to a pair of horses – knowledge and complex problem-solving – pulling the resilience card, ultimately driving innovation.

Using a 3-D Brain Model, Etienne will then group the drivers of resilience into five high performance domains: High Performance Rhythms, High Performance Connectors, High Performance Transformers, High Performance Energy and High Performance Innovators. These domains illustrate how collective innovation provides the highest form of resilience, a critical capacity for today’s workplace.

Etienne will conclude by providing a model of collective resilience and high performance and provide a framework for collective innovation from a brain/body perspective.

I also often do talks or masterclasses (2-4-6 hours) on:

  • Resilience (the Brain Science)-how to build it through 5 high performance domains; Collective Resilience; Burnout and Solutions
  • High Performance Energy
  • (Neuroscience of) Mindset
  • (Neuroscience of) Diversity and Inclusion
  • (Neuroscience of) Psychological Safety