Based: Johannesburg

Dre’Ama aka Tank Girl

Mel (Dre’Ama) fell in love with electronic dance music at a really young age sneaking out to clubs and raves at the age of 13!!! Being a dancer her passion for music only grew as she got older. She moved to Cape Town at the age of 19 and was introduced to Psy Trance 2 years later – the entire scene was something she couldn’t get enough of and it became her lifestyle – everything had to fit around the music and outdoor parties. As she delved deeper into the scene her interest in learning how to mix became an obsession. She had always known she would be good behind the decks as well as in front of them so she decided to learn how.

Dre’Ama moved back to Johannesburg in 2005 where she decided to invest in her own equipment to pursue her dream of becoming a DJ and to take on the art of mixing in a more serious manor. With the help of Nick Grater and a few other dj’s her DJ career began- her debut set at TEKNOTRIBE in June 2006 was an immense success and since then has played at numerous outdoor and indoor events such as
• Teknotribe (resident DJane),
• Submission,
• Matric Rage 2006 in Plettenburg Bay,
• FU CHA Gatherings (all of them so far!!),
• Red Eye Productions – Shamanix & The Great Escape,
• Psychotic Productions,
• Dragonfly Culture – Mid Winters Dream & Jalarupa (Natal),
• Lucky Fish Festival Rock & Dance Festival
• Imaginarium – Calea Effect
• PsynOpticz – Concious Chaos (Cape Town)
• Thorn Fest 2011
• Psy in The City 2011
• Beartrap Celestial Beings II Feb 2011
• Hysterica 2010
• The Crater 2011/2012
• Ultra Fest 2011
• One Festival November 2011
• Vortex Jhb December 2011
• Equinox October 2011
• Revolution II New Years Eve 2010/2011 &2011/2012
• Beartrap Celestial Beings III Feb 2012

She is a resident DJ for Teknotribe playing at all of their monthly events & outdoor productions including
• Techno VS Trance
• Cyberpunk Theme parties
• Element Outdoor Festival
• Ecotone
• Underground Sound
• Psytribe
• Symbiotek II New Years Eve Festival
• Revolution II New Years Eve 2010/2011 & 2011/2012

Dre’Ama plays banging, uplifting Psy-Trance and she really knows how to get a dance floor rocking with her amazing energy behind the decks.
Recently she has widened her horizons to the art of playing Techno under the pseudonym TANK GIRL, she really enjoys the more progressive side of Techno and takes pleasure in the diversity that mixing Techno has to offer. That said it doesn’t matter what style she is mixing – the dance floor rocks when she is the one in control!!!