Based: Johannesburg

South African based UPZ (pronounced U.P.Z.) is an internationally renowned house music DJ & Producer. His first single release was in 2005 with UK label Cr2; and is first CD album release was in Japan in 2007. UPZ has since gone on to sign his releases with leading house music record labels such as Strictly Rhythm (“What’s The Point” feat Nuwella), Defected/Hi Rise (“All Out” feat Jocelyn Mathieu) Objecktivity (“NoiZ” feat Rasu), Tony Records, Farplane & Look At You.

UPZ has also had several chart toppers in the South African charts including ”Pure Surprise” which was no.1 nationally in 2009, Uzongilinda (UPZ remix with Maleh, Qness), Afrika Wo-man (with Black Motion), Love Is Not For Hire (incl Black Coffee rmx) and “Happy Days” feat Stephanie Cooke. He went on to release the album “UPZ: Pioneers of House” via Soul Candi records, South Africa’s biggest electronic music label and worldwide via soWHAT Records.

UPZ owns the boutique label soWHAT records, est. 2007 and digitally available on all digi-stores. Releases have featured productions by Black Coffee, Black Motion, Qness, Yotam Avni, Cuebur, Maleh, Harrison Crump and more.