Based: Namibia

One of Namibia’s well known Djs, Dj Sergio with 20 year’s experience in the making! Known for his passion for music at Club London; Big Fat Pool Party; Colour Party.

Dj Sergio was born on 8 September 1979, in a little Portuguese island in Madeira called Caniço. Not long after he was born, his family moved to South Africa where he spent a good part of his youth. At the age of six, he already showed a strong interest in music. He frankly admitted that music had always been part of his life and it had always been there.

His ever-growing success ranges not only from the younger clubbing generation but also to the older more mature crowd. With 20 years of experience, it is no surprise that all who hear him play immediately become a fan of his work.

This what DJ Sergio had to say about being a DJ:

“Being a DJ is not just about being in tune with the music and latest technology” says Sergio. “It’s about being in tune with the crowd and being flexible to all genres of music.” You name it! This is definitely a master of versatility and wisdom! “You have to really love what you do!”
Well, he sure loves to spin those decks.

Bacardi In The Mix @Jonno's Bistro

Posted by DJ Sergio on Monday, 12 September 2016