Based: Botswana

He is one of the best Motswako rap artists to come out of this country. So, get to know Botswana’s beloved national rap treasure

Born Thuto Ricardo Ramphaleng, he grew up in a shaky environment. In a household with an absent father, Thuto moved across seven schools in primary school, which birthed the stage name, Dramaboi.
Dramaboi was exposed to American Hip Hop (commercial hip hop) when he was twelve years old and a learner at one of his longer staying primary school.

While he was a scholar at another school in Gaborone,  (Gaborone Senior Secondary School) he took to the stage and rapped his lungs out when there was an opportunity to do so, like at school talent shows and during lunch breaks.

Those in his circle did not expect that those lunch breaks would turn fellow scholar Thuto in thee Dramaboi of Botswana

Dramaboi started and completed his first album Godzilla, where he experimented with Jazz beats and other smooth tempo-ed beats at the tender age of sixteen. However, the album wasn’t released until two years later.

The album title was taken from the movie, Godzilla. Dramaboi mentions that both the beast and the movie had the power to overcome all the obstacles put before it and that was how he wanted to be when it came to his music-a beast.

We can’t say that he didn’t take that literally. The boy is out of control (lyrically and with his flow) and it is a sight to see as a fan.

When his music was blowing up and getting major airplay on radio, Dramaboi was getting noticed. So well noticed that he attracted the eye of Mafia Soul who soon thereafter signed him under their record label Rock the City.

Although Dramaboi hasn’t been awarded any yet (he has been robbed, we agree), it doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten any recognition.

He was nominated for an award in the 2017 YAMAS in the category Best Social Media category.