Based: Cape Town

Coming from an indian cultural background, i was not very much exposed to the cultural music, my father used to be a drummer in his day and had an absolute passion for music, so i grew up listening to the likes of The Commodores, Pink Floyd, Simply Red to name a few.

My curiousity for music started at a very young age, as i would have a scratch my dads vinyl on this Technics SL200.

On the years to follow, i had entered into the club scene at the age of 16 for day time Matinees, the curiousity of been near the dj box and seeing the technicality and what the djs would be doing. As every teen at a very impressionable age, i would frequent nightclubs for very different reasons, to just know more about music and genre and to dance. Loved it.

When i was 18 iwas introduced into the electronic music dance scene, which captivated me alongisde with the proper house music from local artists and international. By 21 i had left my job and with the little payout i received i had purchased myself my first Traktor S2.

I had no proper formal training, but would practice everyday and trialed and tested all the functions on the controller and play my favorite tracks, watched djs as they would play and try and pick up on tips. Lucky enough i had a lot of dj friends who i would discuss the music scene with and watch what they would do on those Pioneer 850 CDJS to grasp whatever knowledge as i could can.

In 2013, i had taken the choice to venture out on my own and moved out my family home and moved to The Mothercity Cape Town, not knowing this is where my career would take off.
i did stop djing for a while after my macbook was stolen, but was triggered after the passing of both my parents in a very short time span of each other.

I would sit for days and nights practicing on my traktor s2 and educating myself on new sounds.
After alot of practice, i was confident enough to start recording my mixes and started a SoundCloud account which i uploaded them on, Ive been a professional model for 5 years signed to Grace Models, so i had a few test shoots done to show case my dj page.

After a few mixes were uploaded, i noticed the growth in social media attention. May 2016 i was contacted by the largest House music production label in South Africa, who i was an avid fan of their work from the time i was 16, infact my first cd ever purchased was from Soul Candi. Ricardo Da Costa the CEO of Soul Candi Records messaged me about the talent i have and was very impressed and i was then offered a bursury to study djing and production with them.

I attended every single lesson and and took every extra hour i could get to master the art.

This is when i was absolutely certain that music is my passion, i lived for it and could not see myself doing anything else. I work to better myself everyday as this is my career and more over my passion.

She has played at likes of Harrington, Yacht Parties,Truth ( JHB) – Electric Circus, Reset (CPT) – 9 events at the venue, Secrets of Summer (NYE) (CPT),The Grand beach club (CPT) – multiple events, OU SMILEY (JHB) (CPT) – Tau Nightclub ( CPT),  Juiced (Paarl) – 2 Headlining events, Grand West, Orphanage – 2 years , Friday from 10.00pm -12.00am, Sunset Sessions (Camps Bay) – Seasonal ( Summer) – 1 YEAR, Souk (Cape Town) – 1 YEAR, NOTORIUS Kloof street – present day, Public House – Present day


– METRO FM (Vinny Da Vincis) – The Urban Beat

– 5fm with Dj Loyd on the House connect

– 2 x dj fresh – /94,7


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