Based: Johannesburg

With his latest single “Spin my world around” DJ Kent has once again confirmed that he is one of South Africa’s most sort after producer and club DJ. His third solo album titled “THE WEEKENT” was released on July 26, 2013 and reached gold status after its first month in the market. Two of his singles “Spin my world around”and “Top of the world” reached #1 on most South African radio stations music charts and enjoying high rotation / airplay. He has collected some of South Africa’s most prestigious awards 

Since he started his career in music, DJ Kent has worked on different hit songs that made him rank as one of the best producers that come from South Africa. He has made a significant impact on the industry and remains one of the most celebrated stars in the country. At a time, DJ Kent teamed up with the duo of Themba Mbongeni Nkosi (Euphonik) and Tumi Mokitlane, and the collaboration gave birth to Kentphonik. While he met Euphonik at varsity, he and Tumi met at the SoulCandi store. After signing Kentphonik in 2005 to 88 Productions, it became a defining moment in their music careers as they became national stars in the process. After that, ‘Masingita’ and ‘Uwrongo’ tracks were released, and they featured the first and second volumes of Definition Of House belonging to the eminent producer DJ Fresh.

He has also taken the clubbing experience to radio by enjoying radio residency as a mix deejay for just over ten years, gracing the public on provincial and national radio stations with his ultimixes (Please see RADIO MIX DEEJAY section below for his radio associations)
Sama winner for:
2013 – Thinking About You
2014 – Spin My World Around