Based: Kenya

JOSEPH MWENDA Dj Joe Mfalme was born on the 9th of December 1987. His interest in being a Dj begun at an early age of 13yrs old while listening to some of Kenya’s pioneer Dj’s. Of particular interest was Kenyan Dj Pinye, among many others. He also spent a considerable amount of time listening to international DJs and replicating their sound, and feel of music in his own spinning techniques. He would do this over and over again until he was able to craft his own distinct sound and flow.

Dj Joe Mfalme’s pursuit of being a Dj would lead him to enter the Pilsner Mfalme Dj Competition 2008, where he would eventually come a close 2nd. 98.4 Capital FM would see something special in this great young talent, and offered him a contract with Kenya’s top Radio station.

A year later, Dj Joe Mfalme would go up against other top radio Dj’s from other radio stations, and vanquish them all, claiming the title of Best Media Dj.

Dj Joe Mfalme has gone on to lock down numerous shows on Capital FM, thus cementing himself as Capital’s finest Dj. With no fewer than 4 different shows every week on Capital FM, Dj Joe Mfalme is on heavy rotation, and the reception received by listeners has been positively overwhelming.

Dj Joe Mfalme Brand Persona, Achievements, and Credits
With a musical forte of playing different genres, DJ Joe Mfalme has established himself as Dj that can play for various audiences; age groups; and demographics.

On the Kenyan scene, Dj Joe is known for his itchy fingers, eclectic flavor and flare for the latest music. However, he would never shy away at playing what the crowd wants to hear; anything to keep the party going and the reveler on the dance floor or the listeners tuned in.

In a relatively short period of time, Dj Joe Mfalme has established himself in the entertainment industry, and racked up a number of achievements and credits.