Based: Johannesburg

‘Purist’: One who desires that an item remains true to its essence and free from adultering or diluting influences.
This is how Abby Nurock describes her emotive relationship with music… her therapy devoted strictly to vinyl. Infectious dance grooves and the majestic beats of the deeper sounds of house infiltrate the hearts of the crowd.
Her Dj career began in 2002 with the purchase of two mint condition, second hand Technics SL/1210 decks on which she continues to play today. Her love for sourcing quality music drives her to expand her extensive collection of vinyls boasting vocal, soulful, deep, funky, jazzy, house, disco and nu-disco. She amalgamates old school and current/new school beats, freshly pressed and imported from various record labels around the world. She’s never afraid to go too deep or too disco. With a unique sound and presence, she is raw and real.