Based:  Johannesburg

Renowned for their instrumental velocity and unusual vocal harmonies, the Dixie Hillbillies is a refreshing sound in the music industry with a blast of talent and showmanship.

Formed in June 2009, these musicians have struck a unique collaboration that has resulted in a brand new movement in SA that bring the best sounds from around the world together to form: The Dixie Hillbillies.

The exploration of world music and rock & roll has given them a new framework and revaluation as musicians, and provided them with a brand new playground.

Inflections from Nashville flat-pickn’ to Bluegrass, jazz, funk and rock, the Dixie Hillbillies has fused their individual musical backgrounds to form a new, unique sound that resulted in their first release ‘A Touch of Grass’.

The originals highlight each of the three’s musical framework. The reggae flavoured ‘Got To Be Me’ is a typical feel-good track while ‘You can have it’ is darker and more alternative-rock. ‘Where the Blue grass grows’ has a Southern Rock vibe whilst ‘Wasteland Brother’ proves a complete fusion that can be described as nothing else but extraordinary!

The album also includes re-workings of mostly Southern songs such as ‘House of the Rising Sun’, ‘Red House’ and ‘The Devil went down to Georgia’ that prove to illicit praise from around the industry.

‘A Touch of Grass’ is the highlight of a journey of collaboration by three uniquely different musicians, with one objective, having the time of their life!