Based: Johannesburg

One of the best for improvised-comedy, Dave has become one of SA’s original comedy acts, honing his skills as the host at the Coffee Lounge comedy club back in ‘97. He has regularly performed at the Vodacom International festival and the Smirnoff comedy festival. Television viewers are already familiar with Dave’s quirky, irrepressible humour from his ‘Big Black Box’ ads, or possibly as the zany co-presenter in the first series of the SABC 3 TV shows ‘Going Nowhere Slowly’, as well as a character (and writer) in the latest “Tonight with Trevor Noah Show, currently being aired on Mnet.

Winner of the pro section of the Red bull comedy jam 2004. Winner of the Nandos most original approach to comedy, Grahamstown 2008. Recently opened for  international comic Jimoein. (First stand-up comedy at the main festival programme ever) On the comedy stage, his material darts into more lateral territory, with his “slightly-weird-guy-next-door” approach to every subject under the sun; he’s odd, without being offensive.

His anarchic re-examination of everyday topics has won him fans at every appearance, as does his ability to improvise when interacting with the crowd. His on-the-spot skills often make it look as if he’s making it up as he goes… that’s because he is! He has known his true vocation since his schooldays in Springs. This versatile comic offers off-beat fun for anyone in the mood for a leftfield comedy experience. You will most certainly want to see Dave again and again, mostly to explain his jokes or to return some of the stuff he’s stolen.