Based: Cape Town

My story

In 2017 I graduated with a diploma in fine art at Ruth Prowse School of Art based in Woodstock, Cape Town. After my studies, I decided to pursue a dream I had since I was sixteen years old and I moved to Israel for a year. In Israel, I volunteered and worked as a designer at a social business based in Florentine,Tel Aviv. Whilst my travels I was able to participate in two international group exhibitions (Which was a first for me!). I came back to South-Africa with an inspiration tank absolutely pouring over. Since then I started two new artistic ventures hosting workshops at various coffee shops and cafes where I teach people how to use coffee as a paint medium as well as live event/ wedding painting. I also studied graphic design at Red & Yellow School of Design to build my career as a visual artist and creative.


What inspires me

Authenticity, journaling, mornings and freshly roasted coffee; instrumental and live music; Moments in between celebratory days and real tummy exploding laughter; Bare feet walks on soft green grass and sneaky sunlight pouring through cracks and bends; Friends and family; Dreamers and child-like faith; All these things and so. much. more.

Every painting is inspired by warm colors, my love for realism, traveling and the urgency to capture moments in real time. If I don’t have my paint and canvas with me on my travels, I take pictures with disposable cameras and film in order to relive the memory and to paint those inspiring scenes once I am in my studio. The waiting process of film photography reminds me of the days my parents would buy me “lucky/ surprise packets” for my birthday. I had no clue what the packet would hold, but it always rendered something exciting. And the same with film!