Leadership. Teamwork

Based: Johannesburg

Cyrus Rogers, best known in South Africa as the man with the ‘velvet voice’, has been celebrated for years as an impressive Keynote Speaker, Master of Ceremonies and Program director. Audiences on the international conference circuit can now access the inspiration that lies within is unique perspective by enjoying his presentation, ‘Leading in the Winner’s Circle’, his entertaining keynote address on leadership, success and greatness.

Cyrus uses his ‘velvet voice’ to great effect in his voice-over work. He is an accomplished voice-over artists with over a decade’s worth of experience. He’s provided VO services for major corporations and smaller businesses as well. Humble, yet projecting an aura of supreme capability, he entertains people with his unique brand of storytelling, influenced by his broadcasting background and experience.

Cyrus wrote and published his first book Competitive Edge in 2020. The book is a winner’s guide to success and how anyone can get to that gold medal and also stay ahead of the chasing pack. This book is jam-packed with lessons, observations and tips taken from the very best sports people from around the globe on how they found ways to win in their various disciplines and how you can be successful too.

Cyrus Rogers talks about a chaotic and ever-changing world, uncertainty and poor decision-making have led markets to tumble and fear to take hold. People are searching for the right individuals to take the lead and help bring stability and success to their professional and personal lives. There are numerous lessons to be learned from the billion-dollar sports industry and the people who thrive in it. Getting to the top isn’t easy, staying at the top is even harder. Cyrus Rogers’ presentation, ‘Leading in the Winner’s Circle’ distils the essence of leadership and success from some of the greats from the sporting world. His remarkable knowledge of various sporting codes and his interactions with numerous leaders in the business, social and sports spheres has led to the crafting of a talk that gets to the heart of what being a true leader is and what is required for prolonged professional and personal success..