Based: Johannesburg

She sings. She strings. When it comes to elegant versatility, there is one name in the business that delivers on key every time: Cristina Rodrigues. A melodic compilation of honey noted tones and raspy interludes, Cristina has the ability to diversify her performances to suit the desired occasion.

• Cristina Rodrigues is a soloist and collaborator of incandescent value. From laid-back summer afternoon cocktails to glitz-and-gusto “Rodeo Drive” ensembles; to corporate unravels and wedding day favourites, Cristina effortlessly floats her vocals – and her violin – between musical genres.

• She believes in sharing the limelight with authentic performances that engage with her crowd. She keeps the atmosphere relaxed and encouragable, for both the coy and the confident. As a result, Cristina’s reputation as an interactive performer hits all the high notes when it comes to ratings.

• Cristina Rodrigues offers a variety of Performance Packages that include cross-over performances; solo performances and collaborative ensembles that celebrate an increase in demand: CAFÉ LATTE ; THE GIRLS ; FEVER. Each package is comprised of talented musos that hail from a range of musical backgrounds.

• The Groups have their own unique sound that lights up the stage and the hearts of the party. Cristina joins each of the collaborative Performance Packages as a leading musician and performer.

• Picture this. An LED R (red) G (green) B (blue) performance dress with time-coding ability. Months ahead of her competitors, Cristina’s dress is WOW – a spectacular show of lights, from twinkles to fire to displaying company names, all cleverly choreographed to her music. A must see!