Based: Namibia

The COTA Youth Choir was founded in 2005 under the leadership of mr. Fanie Dorfling.

The choir strives to be an all-inclusive choir, celebrating Namibian culture through music. Furthermore, the choir strives to empower members through music education to become good musicians.

They perform annually at various College of the Arts, embassies and ministerial functions. They performed with the Boland College Choir and East Rand Youth Orchestra from South Africa. The choir performed at the prestigious Concerto Festival with an invited symphony orchestra. Furthermore the choir performed during a Mozart Festival in 2006 and performed at various churches in Windhoek. They performed with the Windhoek Symphony Orchestra during the Christmas Concert 2006 of the College Of The Arts. They were instrumental in assistance when the World Youth Choir visited Namibia and attended a workshop presented by this renowned choir.

The COTA Youth Choir performs Namibian Traditional music, African Traditional Music and Western Music of all genres. The choir performs on average in 20 concerts a year.

Highlights include a performance of the complete Gabriel Faure Requiem with the Bremen University Choir, a combine concert with the Dresden Philharmonic Youth Choir, The Lion’s Roar: a musical about Jackson Kaujeua’s live together with the Happy Disharmonist from Berlin, Happy Beat: a musical written for the College of the Arts and the highly acclaimed musical for Independence in 2010.